Podcasts, for me, are an amazing avenue that I looked forward to -- being able to pull up a chair and have a dialog – an opportunity to release my thoughts & feelings in a safe place, the mic, knowing that people around the world were gathering around.

I would often hold a thought in the back of my mind waiting to share in my next podcast. When I would go back later and listen, I couldn’t believe I shared some of these things.

Podcasts required me to embrace vulnerability in order to be authentic and to help others. The stories I told & the level of vulnerability felt violating at times, but somehow beneficial and healing at the same time.

My brother Kingston taught me the most powerful person in the room is always the most vulnerable. It is both the most terrifying & the most liberating position to operate from. But, it’s worth it to me, because I want the experiences I’ve gone through to mean something. I want people to learn from them. I want God to use it. My hope is that my life lessons become a shortcut for others. Tune in!