Podcast 84: Bitterness or Breakthrough


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Freedom from hurt is WORTH the hard work of forgiveness! In this episode, I talk about how I've learned the importance of doing whatever it takes to keep our hearts right so we don't act WEIRD! When encounters with different people or things trigger hurt, it's important to take the time to get to the root of the pain. When we do, it's actually possible to have a heart free from bitterness, strife, or hurt!
Here are some tips on how to forgive that are covered in this episode:
1.    Let's be committed to consistently work through our issues
2.    Be honest with ourselves: if someone walks in the room & we cringe, we probably have some residual pain & therefore forgiveness issues to work through
3.    As much as it's up to us, work to resolve the situation with someone
4.    It's hard if the other person doesn't want to talk about it. But even if we can't work through it with the other person, we can still do the internal heart work to forgive & move on
5.    There is more to the story so remember the person who wronged us may also feel we did something weird
6.    We all have odd behaviors! So let's work to cover people's crazy with love