Podcast 86: Get Healthy Before You HAVE To! 


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You'd think when we are born that we'd come with an owner's manual. Humans are this rare & beautiful work of art: part DNA, programmed by our genetic pool & part learned behaviors. Taking care of ourselves seems to be a skill that is rarely taught, hardly caught & usually only comes when we start breaking down. We are responsible for the lives attached to us, so I am challenging you to take your health into your own hands! Be your own advocate. Fight for yourself! Go to the doctor. Keep hunting until you find the right people to get you in the best position with your health! Do it now! You are worth it! Face off with it. It will ultimately give you peace of mind!!! Don't be like me & SORT OF do it until you have to do it! You are of high value! Lives are connected to you if you know it or not!