Podcast 89: There's Room for More Roses: Let People Around You Grow


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Allowing people to step into leadership & increase their capacity is necessary to grow the lives around you. This can be a painful process for people who like control, who are micromanagers, or are creatives. It's also annoying when it's so much faster to do things yourself. But it is such a joy to watch people grow! I've learned as a leader that I am only as good as my team. One of the greatest things we can offer is to create opportunities for people to have a meaningful contribution & to see their hand in building whatever it is that we are working on. There are lots of ways to arrive at the same destination. As we stop micromanaging & start allowing other people to add their part, we end up with a brand new unique set of skills & perspective only they have to offer! Make room in your life for other people to be great!