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What Is the Academy?

Personal growth classes that focus on activating you into your primary purpose. I connect you with practical skills that equip you with follow-through SO YOU LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE, NO MATTER YOUR AGE OR SEASON.

-What does primary purpose mean? Will the academy help her find that?

-More descriptions of what we are getting with the academy.

-What’s in it for me?

-Suggestion: have the homepage more about the why and the academy page about details.


I’ve been privileged with the responsibility to lead for a long time. Now I’ve found a way to be able to pour my life into more people. I WANT TO HELP YOU. (TALK ABOUT WHY YOU WANT TO HELP PEOPLE) There are too many people in the world for me to get to encounter one on one & I have a whole lot of love to give so I’m getting creative! I download my heart about living an intentional life.

-cut out family part Do we even need a why? Or if so, talk about why you want to help people.

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The investment of TIME, MONEY & ENERGY in the right direction will build your momentum to produce the right results!

Academy Details

Keep checking back for when the sign-up portal opens!