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I can’t wait to learn what you’ve got to teach me.

We are our greatest work of art. I am always working on improving myself & believe that process leads to my greatest adventures! There truly is hope for all of us no matter what! I’ve been able to perform in life just fine in a full-time leadership position for 20 years with no sign of health problems until out of nowhere my world was rocked when my body SHUT DOWN. Before this, I was completely healthy. Then suddenly I was covered in hives & shingles & I had walking pneumonia, mono & Lyme disease…basically my immune system decided, nah, I’m going to quit. I had zero energy & ended up in a dark room & an even darker state of mind. I went into a very bleak place for what ended up being a TWO YEAR health battle. Twenty-seven doctors later I am now on the other side of it! Man, I wish I could go back in time. I’d wake myself up & live my life to the fullest with the knowledge I’ve gained having gone through this battle.

I am compelled to activate people into a wide-awake life. Everyone is leading someone & watching that leadership activation take place is one of my greatest joys in life. I also have learned so much from people everyday. I pull up a chair in life & find what lesson I can learn from the Uber driver, the person next to me on the airplane, my eight-year-old godson — anyone & everyone has something to teach if you listen, watch & learn. This drives everything I do — from coaching & public speaking, to writing songs, musicals & books. This is WHY I build businesses & have labored to create Chelsea Perry Art & the JUMP! Kids Brand. I’m compelled by the belief that we can become better & more effective leaders in order to strategically impact future generations! This hope for the FUTURE stirs something deep in me & drives everything I do.

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“Chelsea Perry's dynamic insight into personal growth is practical and refreshing.”


“One of the things she does is reminds us to live intentionally.”

— Kory

“Every podcast has been practical, relatable & LIFE CHANGING! Chelsea speaks & the world listens. Don’t miss one of these & tell your friends!"

— Joanna

“I still go to Chelsea for any kind of advice that I could ever need and I’m so thankful for the safe environment that she and I have created. I feel like I can share anything with her and know that there is a real answer and real advice that can stem from it.”

— Graham  

"Always be willing to change; never be willing to quit."

— Chelsea Perry