Blog: You Only Live Once {YOLO}!!!


Life is too short to not live your best life. Obligation binds us to a lesser things. I personally don’t want to be with people unless they want to be with me. Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated.

I heard a story about a man planning a hunting trip in order to bond with his son & new son-in-law. He had friends who invited themselves to tag along. He didn’t really want his friends to go, but he also didn’t want to hurt their feelings, so he was allowing it. He started dreading the trip & was talking to someone about it. That person said, “You only have so many vacations. Do you really want to spend it with these extra people who have tagged along?”

He replied, “but I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

“I’m sure there’s a way not to uninvite these guys without hurting them, but even if you do hurt their feelings — you only live once.”

After thinking about it & counting the cost, he said, “Why don’t you guys do your own thing, & we can maybe meet up for a day. Because I really want this to be a father/son trip.”

They understood & he became excited about his trip again, & they were all good. Now I know it doesn’t always work out like that, but regardless; count the cost. Spending our days with people we love is very important.