Blog: You Have What You Need When You Need It


I took on the largest canvas I have ever painted so far which was a 118×16 foot side of a warehouse. My naivety on what the obstacles would be worked to my advantage to get me to take this project on! When I ran into my graffiti artist friends at the art store they freaked out at the magnitude of the project. My personality enjoys challenge & I like to always take on what is bigger & better. When I met the owner of this warehouse at an art exhibit, we connected & they saw my art & offered me the opportunity to paint this wall. SO as I was plotting my approach, there were a lot of things to figure out. How much paint do I need? How do I “scrape & buff” the wall? How will I reach the top?

So I decided I’m going to take it one step at a time & I’ll evaluate what I need as I go since I’ll understand what I need better once I’m in the situation.

This plan worked! I’m all about planning! I even asked a bunch of people for their advice. So, once I got in the situation everything came together as I needed it. I started by painting everything within my reach. Once I finished that part I knew I needed scaffolding & a ladder. People started coming by the wall & offering to help. As soon as I was ready for the scaffolding, someone offered & brought it when I needed it!

This project was really fun, overwhelming & I learned so much about myself in the process! Since then, they knocked the building down, paving paradise to put up a parking lot.. LOL