Blog: What's the Waitress's Name


It amazes me how rare love, kindness, & thoughtfulness are. It’s one of those things that gets you much further than anything else. I work to set my phone down & look in the eyes of whomever is in front of me.

Basic social skills are extremely shocking to people nowadays. It’s powerful to live a lifestyle of showing genuine interest in the people around you. When you’re at a restaurant, a good habit is to ask the waiter or waitress their name & look them in the eyes, even ask them how they are & listen to them. But don’t just do this because it’s on this page – truly show sincere interest & kindness in others. Place equal value & worth on everyone you encounter. Listen to what they say, then respond accordingly instead of just responding like a robot.

Sometimes people show interest in others for selfish reasons. Live a “there you are” life, & it’ll be amazing how this ends up paying off long-term in every way. Not only is selflessness truly satisfying, but people actually respond to this approach – it’s a great way to live.