Blog: What Recharges You


This seems to be another one of those things that is really hard to figure out but once you do it is so worth it! For me I exercise, take a bubble bath, & my art is a huge recharger. I spend time with people as long as they are not draining & I drink water & eat a healthy meal. Journaling, adventuring, creating something, these all make me feel alive again. I try to nurture myself like I would a baby. I know that sounds weird. Cue the eye roll for the baby talkers of the world hahahahaha. Anyway, what does a baby need? It doesn’t know how to communicate so you have to use trial & error until you get to know the cries & if you of course know its schedule then you know the likely culprits. So for me…have I eaten protein or am I running on empty? Have I only been drinking caffeine all day? Did I fix up or do I feel weird cause I’m looking rough? What’s upsetting me? What will make me feel most satisfied when I go to sleep tonight? Do I need to face off with some to-do’s?