Blog: We Never Arrive


We are always a work in progress. Set up a circle of trust (I call mine “my life board”) & invite people in to talk to you about areas you can grow in, blind spots you might not see about yourself & any behaviors that can be misinterpreted that you can work to avoid/change. I work hard to make it easy on people to bring things to me that I need to improve. I have seen people who are isolated & no one has access to them & it is a dangerous place to be in! I want people to help me see areas I need to work on. This isn’t an open invitation to anyone to tear me apart but it’s for sure allowing access to people I’ve held out an “all access pass” to my heart.

I often spend dinners, car rides & face time conversations with my group of influencers talking about how we can all improve. Once we complete an improvement list, we make another one! I believe that whatever age you stopped taking constructive criticism & applying it is the age you are at emotionally. So many people get defensive because of insecurity & it’s a lesson learned — I don’t want to come across like that! Tell me more! Ouch, but I want to know!!! I have had people say I’ve got something to tell you, can you handle it? Do you want to know? I say please tell me! If you don’t, who else will!?