Blog: Teach Me How to Love You & Also How to Dougie


This is something I’m always asking & am excited to learn. As someone comes into my world, I often say: “Coach me on how to love you. I want to learn how. What makes you cringe? What makes you feel loved?”

I realize the way I operate & the way I receive love doesn’t make everyone feel loved. The other day I woke up excited & sent my friend a super long amazing text — or so I thought. They texted back two words, two hours later. My phone is always on silent when I sleep… it’s not the 90’s. I thought everyone knew this trick! So, now I have learned to ask people if they put their phone on silent, cause some of my best text messaging is done late!

Very simple example but I’m telling you I work to learn the people I love. I also try to make it easy for them to love me. I communicate! Instead of having a bunch of weird unspoken rules for people to navigate I try to be straight forward. It helps to say things like what do you need from me… it helps!