Blog: Take Little Steps


Eventually little behavioral decisions add up – good or bad! “Inch by inch it’s a cinch” is a saying one of my friends kept telling me in my battle of the bulge & she was right! Day by day, bite by bite this is how the diet war is won!!!

I can’t think of anything wonderful that is accomplished in one day. Things take time. But one day, eventually your hard work will pay off!!! Keep yourself faithful in the daily grind without focusing on results. Instead, just look at what you can do today. Then eventually you get to see your steps from miles & miles down the road in the progress & ground you’ve taken. But it’s all in the daily grind! Leaps & bounds are taken in lots of consistent little steps!!!

I am also careful to not look for progress too often. I just keep doing what I know to do. In this latest round of fighting for fitness, I participated in something called “hell month” at my gym. Five classes a week in boot camp for a month for a “good deal” financially but it was intense in other ways like on my will power, body, & my discipline. After the shock of the first week going from two times a week to five times, I figured four times was a good starting point for me. I decided to not look at my results until the end of the month. It helped me to just keep my head down & be faithful with the daily. Then I went to the doctor & found out I lost 20 pounds! I didn’t lose 20 pounds in a month but I did lose 20 pounds! My point is, put the work in & the job will get done! Don’t measure your progress all the time or it could be hindered.