Blog: Take Care of Yourself


It’s so important that we give the best version of ourselves to the world around us. Really, it’s selfish not to! The whole hero syndrome is when you decide to become the one who provides what everyone needs. Pouring out for the people around you to the point where you are empty. Even when you have nothing to give, you keep giving & giving.

It’s so important to give our best at all times & the way we do this is by saying no sometimes & pulling back to make sure we have something to offer. Otherwise this kind of beaten down lifestyle yields weak fruit when we become a watered-down, diluted version of ourselves. Everyone gets the leftovers when we are in survival mode. We have to pull away & get our tanks full so that we can actually have something from which we can give, serve, & love others. I’m all about crawling if you can’t walk & walking until you can run but it’s so important to slip away & refuel ourselves for the ones we love in order to get us in our best state.