Blog: Surround Yourself With Vision for Your Goals


My phone screensaver, notes on my fridge, pictures in my car, journal, bedroom—every place I can think of I put something that reminds me of my goals! Write your vision down! Write what you’re aiming for on a calendar! Make a list of things you can check off! Set up rewards, layout specific & measurable goals!!!

Put what you’re working towards in front of you so you don’t forget!
Finding practical ways to stay inspired & motived really keeps the progress fires burning! A new pair of running shoes, a new tool for the kitchen, office supplies, a new dog leash to inspire you to walk the dog – invest in anything to get you advancing! I love having a calendar on my fridge that I can cross off & have stickers to make things fun! Surround yourself with whatever works for you to get you motivated to do what you’re trying to accomplish!