Blog: Showing Up Is A Lifestyle


SHOW UP. Be present, consistent, prove to yourself that you aren’t a flake. I AM NOT A JOKE. I made a sign for myself when I was in a funk & hung it in my house. It was such a good reminder. Then once I got out of feeling rough, I took the sign down. Having a line drawn in your life that you’ll live a lifestyle choosing to be present & keep being there is comforting for everyone. Don’t let yourself down. If you make a goal or a commitment, follow through! Be the real deal.

Love yourself, celebrate yourself, work on yourself, & then give yourself to wonderful people, worthy causes & invest in becoming better everyday. Live each day to the fullest for real! Even if we live for 100 years we only have one precious life! Let’s love the minutes, hours, days & weeks we have!

Fill those days with great moments & be proud of the life you live — true to yourself! Wake up today & don’t look back! Be present, be you! Stay in your lane!