Blog: Quitting is Not an Option


It’s so vital that you don’t have quitting as an option in the back of your head. You just can’t go there. Since that is not something that you allow yourself to think about you have to find a way to get up & get over it – whatever it may be at the time.

If giving up is in your realm of possibilities then you will. It’s like a woman who wants to give birth naturally but has an epidural prepared on back up & then when the pain is overwhelming the emotions kick in & override her original plan. I don’t care if people do it with or without the help of the epidural, I’m just saying, when we’ve got a plan B, we use it! When divorce is an option quitting is easier in a relationship. There is a line drawn. You’ve made promises—to yourself, to your mate, to other people. Be consistent with that. When things get hard, you go to the place you’ve laid out as your breaking point. Don’t create a loophole that’s ready for you as soon as you want to quit, run or back down. Instead let’s be committed to finish what we start!