Blog: Pyramid Schemes


Hey, I’ve heard of people who have had great experiences with pyramid relationally driven business models & that’s great for them but I will say be very protective of your name & what people associate you with. When people see you coming, you want them to breathe peacefully & to not tense up & guard themselves from you.

I have a close friend who was so shocked & surprised to by invited to lunch by some people she thought highly of. She enthusiastically cleared her schedule & was very excited to have a great evening getting to know each other better & was very hurt when she realized they had brought her there to sell her something. She actually began to cry as she told me because she was so encouraged to be asked. Then she realized it wasn’t with pure motives. I frequently have been asked to engage in these & I know people who are gaining great financial freedom & have maintained integrity relationally — I’m just saying if this is a direction you’re interested in going into, maybe make your intentions clear from the beginning. I think the bait & switch is what brings in the most hurt! So, I do believe this can be done in a pure way but making all agendas clear from 21 jump street (the beginning for those of you who don’t speak 90’s).