Blog: Prepare to Give


Get a $20 out or $5 or $50,0000 & look for someone to give to! Blessing other people brings so much joy. I was at the movies with my brother & I asked him to help me find someone to give a $20 to. So we were looking & found this 10 year old boy who was out with his mom. He had great social skills. He looked me in the eyes & he continued to hold the door for my brother & myself after his mom went in. I asked his mom if I could give him $20. She said why. I said because I was looking for someone to give to & I love how much of a gentleman he his! She said yes & he was thrilled & I was MORE thrilled. I love rewarding positive behavior & being a part of making his day made mine!

Be prepared to give in different ways! You can have waters in the car, extra gum, extra snacks, gift cards — anything you can think of to love on other people.

A lifestyle of generosity is seriously so fun. My mom & dad gave to people my whole life & they taught my siblings & me to give. It’s a lifestyle! Be ready to give! It’ll become the best part of your day!