Blog: MMMM What's That Perfume You're Wearing... SOAP!


I know that different fragrances evoke different things depending on people’s tastes, experiences & part of the world they grow up in but for some reason perfume has never worked well with my chemistry. I’m sure I just haven’t looked hard enough but the thing I get the most response from is the smell of soap. Good strong clean smelling soap & well-laundered clothing. So instead of having perfumed deodorant, lotion, sunscreen, hair spray etc. etc. etc. all competing to be the center of attention, I go grab fragrance free on everything but soap & detergent & it’s my money combo!

Keep your scents basic. Don’t load on a bunch of different smells—gardenia lotion with coconut hairspray with Chanel No. 5. No matter how many poignant things Brad Pitt has to say about this fragrance, the most compliments I’ve ever gotten on my scent is when I use Lever 2000 or Irish Spring. I know this is a matter of preference, but it seems like you can’t go wrong with classic clean.

It’s amazing how much of a revelation this has been to so many people. I mean real soap. A bar of real soap to be exact. I’m sure there are all kinds of theories about bacteria & natural approaches but I’m simply saying soap is very important for your social life.

Keep yourself clean! Clean your parts everyday. Make a hygiene kit for your car & use spray deodorant on your feet!