Blog: Marbles (Invest Your Energy Wisely)


I woke up the other day with this picture of a clear bowl full of marbles. The marbles were my units of energy for the day… I think there were 250-300. They get replenished every morning. You can give people marbles by doing things to ease their pain or lighten their responsibilities, you also can save marbles up & tap into tomorrows marbles but it will catch up to you! Other people try to get your marbles, attention, focus & energy spent on their agendas. They call, email, & corner you for long conversations & have no problem soaking up all the marbles you will give them!

Time, money, emotional energy – we have limited resources within, so make sure to place them in the right people, doing the right things.

I’ve wasted plenty of time with people I no longer have a relationship with. Looking back I wish I would’ve been more intentional with my life. I choose to not regret, but I’d love to help other people avoid this lifestyle! This is your ONE life! We get to be every age. Enjoy every season as they all have positives & negatives to them. Don’t long for the future or for the past. Be present in the day by day & don’t long for anyone else’s life. We only have a very limited perspective on what people really feel & what their lives are truly like. While you’re longing for someone else’s life, they could be longing for yours! Just suck it up & enjoy where you’re at…

PS – My marbles are a medium shade of blue… everyone I’ve told this to has different marbles, what color(s) are yours?