Blog: Love People vs. Networking


People are your most valuable resource. There is no project, no idea, & no amount of money that is of greater value than relationships that are in good standing. With all of my creative collaborators, I work hard to maintain open lines of communication. To have eye contact, real conversations about awkward topics that get MUCH MORE AWKWARD if they are not openly handled. These are worth fitting into your routine. It’s so important!

People are not a means to an end but are your wisest investment. The coolest projects that I’ve gotten to be a part of have all come out of a sincere connection with someone. I have relationship rules that I live by. The person comes before the project. As much as it’s up to me I work to keep the peace. I think through a win-win for the other person & make sure I am being fair & not just looking out for myself. When I work with my music producer we talk extremely clearly about things. When were you being a co-writer & when were you begin a producer? Do you feel like you should have writing credit? Etc. I work to put my relationship with him first & he puts his relationship with me first before the projects. Because of this understanding, we have a safe place to create & there is a knowing that we will not take advantage of each others kindness, but we will work to make sure we both are treated fairly.

Now you can’t rationalize with an irrational person. These are terms that are built when there is mutual respect. I endeavor to operate this way with everyone but everyone doesn’t work like this.

So, be upfront. Get things in writing, at the end of the day do right by God, & by yourself, & be fair!!!