Blog: Love is the Most Powerful Force on the Earth


Hate is a lazy emotion. Fight to love even when you’re hurt. It’s easy to throw people away. It’s hard to fight for people. Be mature enough to love people even when you’re hurt. Of course protect yourself & don’t allow your relationships to remain unhealthy. I’m sure I’ve hurt people without realizing it & I’m grateful that they have allowed me to still be in their lives even though I have blind spots relationally just like everyone else. There is someone close to me that has been extremely hurtful lately. It’s been weird. But I read something online one day that snapped me out of my funk. It was a simple story but it made me say, man who do I think I am holding them in contempt for their actions when I would want to be set free by love if I was in a weird behavioral season?! Of course this sounds co-dependent if not kept in the right place. We are not required to be in unhealthy relationships, I’m just saying love people & be in right standing with them in your own heart. It doesn’t mean tons of hang time with someone who is emotionally abusive, but man, just forgiving people gets rid of so many emotional ulcers.

Think about the way you make people feel. The people who have had the greatest impact on my life come from a position of love. I feel their love. I can feel their love when they are offering wisdom on something I don’t know about & when they bring me specific things they can see that are blind spots in my life. Even when they straight-up correct me, it’s easier to take when the person loves me.