Blog: Live Outside Your Comfort Zone


Always doing something that makes me feel scared, nervous, or makes my heart race is healthy! If we are comfortable we’re no longer growing.

Every time my world is about to shift into a new season I start looking around & realize that what used to scare me about where I currently am no longer makes me feel nervous anymore. I remember when speaking to high schoolers used to feel challenging. I did this every Wednesday for seven years. I learned how to keep the attention of a huge group of them! Then I started speaking for adults—about 10 times the size of the audience. The first time I spoke for them I got off the stage & cried to some close friends saying how awful it was. That was over 10 years ago. I now have spoken several times a year to thousands of people. It no longer makes my heart race, but there was a time it did.

Now I’m comfortable there. I spoke for about a thousand people a few weeks ago. I had a great time. People laughed & acted like they got something out of it. I changed into a more comfortable coat & went to eat with my friends & didn’t think about it again. What was once terrifying, now felt like I had a home field advantage – which I know means it’s time for me to jump again to something scary → to make sure I’m growing.