Blog: Listen to Your Body


Live laugh love. Just kidding haha. Rest when you’re tired. Refuel when you’re empty. Drink water. Those simple things make a huge difference in your demeanor.

A friend of mine, who is a personal trainer & who I call “Coach Joe”, told me to think of my body broken down into cells that are starving for nourishment. He said to feed them daily with health in mind. This shifted my perspective → fueling my body for the purpose of wellness is much more profitable than eating empty calories with no nutrients. I had someone over last night who was emotionally cranky. When I asked what they had eaten that day they said doughnuts. Haha. All day they had eaten only doughnuts. I quickly made them some healthy food & watched them change before my eyes. I’m not giving heath advice but eating for nourishment changes everything.

Resting when you’re tired is crucial. Read the subtle signs your body is giving you before the signs get more extreme. Fatigue, mental fogginess, etc.