Blog: Let People Grow


Don’t make it a spectacle. Act normal. People will step up or down to whatever is expected of them by the people who’s opinions matter most in their lives.

When I’ve come back from a funk it’s easier when the people around me don’t turn it into a circus. I’ve learned how weird & “observed” I feel when they draw attention to measure my behavioral changes. I’ve really learned not to do this to the people around me. It’s all about the heart. People could be sweetly trying to be helpful but it’s so provoking when you’re crawling/healing. Just be mindful of it. Keep your expectations high for people. I believe people rise to the occasion. In my opinion, giving this room & expecting for growth provides a culture for them to change. In that atmosphere they are more likely to grow. I have watched a close friend go through one horrible thing after the next & I have seen it take its toll on them. I have decided to be really supportive & allow her to work through her process of coming back instead of spotlighting her every move. I work to be gracious & not patronizing to point out things as she is in a vulnerable place of healing. Allowing people to work through things in a safe place is imperative to their process of recovery. I’m thankful for the people who have made it easy for me to come back, recover & heal!