Blog: 'JUST' is a 4 Letter Word


Familiarity ruins the leverage people have to be able to help you. I’ve witnessed this first-hand several times.

Recently a friend of mine hired a personal trainer to help her lose weight & get fit. This person was helping my friend so much & they started to build a friendship. This trainer was really changing her life. She was inspired, motivated & was willing to do whatever the trainer said… until the day she went to the movies with him. She watched him eat junk for two hours & got to know him – to the point where she no longer respected him or cared if she let him down. Before this place in their friendship she worked really hard to please him – showing up early, preparing her food just as he had told her to, following the exercise plan. Then when this shift happened, it never improved. Just me, just my sister, just my friend, just my doctor. Heck no! I want to keep respect for the people in my life so that they can call me out on my stupidity.

1. ‘JUST’ ME → I can see my own shortcomings, so it’s easy to be dismissive & too critical of myself.

2. ‘JUST’ THEM → Oh that’s just my sister — what could she know. I know about all of her insecurities, fears, bedhead, etc. (I learn so much from all of my siblings, I don’t say this!)

3. ‘JUST’ MY DOCTOR → I’d rather have a healthy respect & reverence for my doctor instead of trying to be buddies with him.