Blog: How to Give


Give gifts according to what the other person would want & not what you would want or what you want them to have. Give freely with no strings attached! Give without stipulation or agenda.

Pay close attention to what people say, what they are interested in, & then think. Think about what they would want. If you are bright & colorful but you’re wrapping a gift for someone who likes more neutral colors, wrap it in what THEY like, not what you like. I recently painted a painting for a friend in a color palette I knew he’d like & wrapped it in all black & detailed it out the way I knew he’d appreciate. If it were for me, I’d have loved color & patterns & glitter details, but it wasn’t for me. It was for him. So, I am just saying if you love cross-stitched framed pictures that doesn’t mean everyone else likes them. Even if it’s your hobby & if they all say the like them. Give for other people.

I also recently had a friend over who looked around and said, you obviously like zebra print — I said no —people just interpret my personality as “wild” & assume this is what I would like. I love the people & am grateful for the gifts so I kept them. I just said this is what they think of me ☺.

There are some friends of mine who seem to enjoy similar things to my brothers & my dad & I’ve decided to use them to help me get gifts for them. They choose things I wouldn’t think of. Learn the art of giving for others & not selfishly giving. What is important to THEM!?