Blog: God's Neighborhood is Full of Color


It’s so sad to me how people don’t love & celebrate all different kinds of people. What a boring world this would be if we were all just the same. I recently was talking with a few of my friend’s kids who were telling me stories of the prejudice they were experiencing. These words came pouring out of my heart: It’s so sad to me that some people don’t know about any other neighborhood besides their own – God’s neighborhood is huge & full of color!

I told them stories of traveling to Egypt & how people were stopping me & taking pictures with me because of my blue eyes, red hair, & fair skin. I could only imagine what they were thinking when they saw me! What is that?! We’ve never seen one of those in our neighborhood! I got a similar response in an orphanage that I visited in Africa. People are limited by what they know & understand. Some people don’t realize how beautiful the world is – they just need to open up to God’s neighborhood!