Blog: Give Honor Freely


It is important to constantly show honor to whom honor is due. I send thank you letters to the people closest to me. When I turned 30, I sent my parents roses & wrote them a letter saying that I know there is no one else who could’ve parented me they way they had. Recently when a musical that I had written was being performed, I invited one of my most influential high school teachers to attend. I gave her flowers & wrote her a letter to let her know that she is forever a part of all of the things I accomplish.

I have even sent cards & flowers to all of my past babysitters to honor them & thank them for the part they played in my life. I’m forever grateful for their input & sacrifice.

I’m committed to live a life which freely honors the people who are a part of my journey. What you do comes back, so it’s to your great advantage to give honor. Honor will always come back to you. Don’t forget the ones on your way!