Blog: Get Rid of the White Noise


White noise is meaningless & message-less like rice cakes. No nutritional value. I want to live a life that yields great fruit, & I only do that when I’m working with good seed & good soil. T.V. can be a way to get through things, be entertained & sometimes even inspired if it’s a good documentary, but other times it is a total waste of time.

Living an intentional life is so important; it truly sets you on a different path than other people who just go with their days as they come instead of setting themselves on course & evaluating & redirecting when they inevitably get off their path.

I constantly work to make sure I’m living a wide-awake life. Numbing out emotionally is easy to do when you’re in pain, when you feel like you’re hopes aren’t ever going to be reached, or you feel like there’s no chance of changing whatever circumstance you’re in.

Living an intentional life is so rewarding. Whatever it is that you do — do it on purpose. If you’re going to sleep all day, truly sleep. If you’re going to clean, really clean. If you’re going to lay on the couch, lay on the couch. Don’t just lay there procrastinating. BE INTENTIONAL. Don’t allow things to just unfold. Be strategic. We are only given a certain amount of days. Spend them wisely. INVEST them! Play, rest, work, everything with intention!!!

I want to get rid of all the white noise of my life. No more time-wasting, draining distractions. When I play, I want it to be SO FUN & intentional like a monster truck show or horseback riding or paintballing! Not just whatever is easiest, but whatever yields great fruit in my life in reference to my needs. Resting with intention, playing with intention, no more of this busy work & white noise nonsense! I want a center-of-the-bull’s-eye kind of life!