Blog: Get Over Failures & Missed Opportunities


How much longer are you going to talk about the lyric that someone else recorded that you’re sure they heard from your demo, or that big idea you had before you ever saw them come out with it on the infomercial!? Okay! That’s too bad, I’m sorry that happened… but how much longer are you going to allow it to dominate your advancement?

I love how U2 sang that song, “Stuck In A Moment”, about freezing your life after a certain event. NO MORE! Shake it off! Stand up & fight for yourself to be free. Don’t sit dwelling in disappointment any longer. Instead, heal up, recover, & strategize to take ground! Bounce-back-ability is a way of life & an extremely important skill! Some people will sadly never move on from the great wrong that they suffered & literally stay stuck.

You rarely know all the steps at once, but just do what you know to do. If you don’t know what to do – figure out what’s standing in your way & start with getting around that obstacle or removing it.