Blog: Don't Spend Money You Don't Have


Few things cause more stress than debt. It’s so weird how we buy things that we don’t need with money we don’t have to live lives that project success & happiness. Things don’t make you happy. Sometimes they give you a temporary sense of enjoyment – but when you buy it with money you don’t have it ends up producing a lot of upset.

It’s such a curse that living in debt is a normal way of life these days. So much freedom happens when you aren’t paying back way too much for things most of the time you lose interest in. Saving & buying produces a feeling of value & satisfaction that buying with borrowed money doesn’t produce. My Me-Me lived on a tight budget & bought her house, car, paid for her funeral & gravesite & left a good amount of money for her 3 kids. This is how she did it. She stuck to a budget. She got out $100 every Monday in cash & that’s all she would spend for the week for gasoline, food, & anything outside of her bills. She’d save up for things & she acted like she didn’t have any other money to pull from. One day she gave me $3 cash for a burger with the money she had left for the week. I loved it. Living free from owing people is a great lifestyle!