Blog: Don't Expect Things to be Free (Keep it Classy San Diego)


This is one of those things that isn’t always automatically clear. It can be assumed really easily that people expect for things to be covered. I have made it a rule to always ask, “how much do I owe you?” this has spared many awkward moments.

Just be prepared to pay. My friend sent me home with some medicine, the rest of their bottle, because I was sick. Even though it was half a bottle, I made sure to replace it. That’s how I try to live my life.

I was out to dinner with a different group of friends & one friend asked the other for a bite of his food & sent a plate & a fork over. The friend kindly delivered, then the other friend sent back a nice slice of pizza. I thought this exchange was fun, cause we all have that one friend just mooching off of everybody & not contributing.

I remember in college someone accidentally breaking a vase & replacing it the next day! I thought that was so classy. Above & beyond is the way I like to live! That day I was very inspired to be more like that!