Blog: Don't Be Entitled


Living a life expecting other people to do things for you is weird. It’s a strange vibe we put out in the world when we are demanding or waiting for other people to make a way for us. Instead, labor & earn your destination. The journey is the great adventure that prepares you to stay where you go. It’s all part of the world’s reward system. I am grateful for my rich heritage. The lessons I’ve been able to learn from my parents’ successes & failures that they have so freely guided me with.

I am so thankful to have breakthrough in areas where I have earned & labored. Those miles that I had to do alone feel so victorious. Don’t rob yourself of the great growth that happens on the way… it’s the greatest part of the journey. It’s been said a million times, but I still love the story of the butterfly & how the process of getting out of the cocoon is what gives him the strength to FLY! Don’t shortchange me! Let me flap my way out of here so that once I’m free, I’m soaring!