Blog: Conversational Intimacy


My childhood friend’s dad coined this phrase recently & it hit me in the heart. Conversational Intimacy. I’m so grateful for people who I can have deep, truthful conversations with in a judgment free zone! It’s so comforting to have people who you can truly speak to on a deep, honest level.

I met this guy the other day, & we instantly had a conversation about things that matter. We were only in the “who cares small talk zone” for a few minutes then we went straight to meaningful subjects. Living a life that matters, quality investments, traveling, helping people, not being motivated by money, etc. It made such an impression on me that I could have deep & immediate quality conversation with a virtual stranger.

There are some people I’m close to where I can’t truly share my heart, beliefs, or feelings because there isn’t a safe place of common ground where I can say anything & the other person will stay with me no matter what.

Communicating is vital. Creating these environments where people are free to feel & express themselves without feeling judged or shut down is so crucial to deep, meaningful, relational growth.