Blog: Choices


My life so far is a reflection of the choices I made in the face of all that life has brought me. Ups, downs, adversity, trials, adventures, obstacles, I have made choices & because of those decisions, I now stand where I stand.

I want to make the right choices every day. At any point when I’m not getting the results I want, I determine if I need patience & I’m on the right track or if I’ll just need to adjust my choices & aim toward a different outcome.

Small, daily, faithful choices set you up with an advantage over a long period of time. What you want in your lifetime, you plant seeds for & water in small decisions everyday. These things impact us over the course of our lives & show up in our bodies, relationships, jobs etc.

I work to picture the life I want to live then figure out what I need to do daily to get that outcome.
So, working to integrate exercise, family time, guitar practice, household maintenance, keeping up with life etc. Then I look back & see the ground I’ve taken. I work to celebrate small victories!

Today choose your future in every bite, word & investment of your most precious asset—your time.