Blog: Be the Bait


Be the kind of person who attracts the kind of people you want to be around. In friends, business partners, management, a mate, & in every other way, conduct your life so that the people you want to surround yourself with will be attracted to you.

Get up, get fixed up, & pull yourself together. Work to be the best version of yourself. I realize that some people are living in survival mode. That’s ok for a season but eventually we have to heal & advance! Do whatever it takes to fight for yourself even if it’s just little by little.

My daily routine varies depending on what I’m going through/working on. Ideally, I wake up, workout, go through my skin-care routine, take vitamins, make my bed, eat healthy, strategize, & visualize my day. I also find that my emotional disposition really impacts the quality of my interactions during the day. Focusing mentally, shaking off upsetting things, using coping skills, & fighting for myself are all extremely important habits that I do to be the best version of myself. I’ve noticed it really does impact my interactions.