Hi, I’m Chelsea! A few things I do... I am a COACH/MENTOR podcaster, artist, speaker & author. I created the JUMP! Kids Brand which includes 16 musicals, more than 500 songs & 6 albums. I’m doing my best to intentionally make life FUN while still getting things done — so most of my days are full of laughter & check marks! Thankful to be in on this personal advancing process together & that’s what this online community has provided for me. A place for all of us to be better together!

10 things to know about me

10) I love lists.

9) I prefer Keurig coffee - I can't keep up with hipster coffee.

8) I have more markers than clothes.

7) I love unique paper clips.

6) My graffiti name is "C money" given to me by other graffiti artists (lol). FEELS ELEMENTARY

5) Skincare is my hobby.

4) Steak is my favorite food.

3) Gold is my favorite color.

2) I'm becoming more introverted. (FEELS OFF PUTTING)

1) I'm a real redhead.